Unconditional Child Care

What is Unconditional Child Care?

Unconditional Child Care works with parents and child care providers to provide support and intervention for young children whose behavior in child care is difficult to manage.  Services and resources are brought to the child care program and to the family to help the child succeed in child care.  Using the wraparound process, the child’s parents, child care teachers, and director, the Unconditional Child Care staff, and others important in the child’s life work together to develop a plan to address the problems the child is having. 

kids25.jpgWhat is the wraparound process?

 The wraparound process creates a team of people who “wrap themselves around” the child’s needs and work together to meet the needs of the child, family, and child care program.  The emphasis is on using the strengths of all involved to find ways to make life better for the child.  The Resource Coordinator, who is an Unconditional Child Care staff person, takes the lead role in bringing the team together, facilitating meetings, and coordinating services.  Each team is unique and is responsible for creating a plan best suited to the individual child’s needs.

Who is eligible for UCC?

We will provide services for children who attend child care in Lehigh and Northampton Counties and whose parents reside in Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon, and Monroe Counties.  Parents who are using child care because of employment or enrollment in school are eligible for services.  Parents and child care staff must be willing to be active members of the wraparound team.

Why would you call UCC

As a parent . . .

You have been receiving phone calls or notes from your child’s child care provider describing difficult behavior.  You may have been asked to pick your child up because of this behavior.

Your child has been asked to leave other child care programs and is at risk of being asked to leave your current provider.

You need places to turn where you could get suggestions and support that would help in raising your challenging child.

As a child care provider . . .

The demanding or disruptive behavior of a child who is enrolled in your program takes your attention and time away from the rest of the group.

A child who is enrolled in your program is hurting the other children and/or the staff.

You would like to keep a challenging child enrolled in your program, but you don’t know where to look for resources and support.

How do you request Unconditional Child Care?

kids11.jpgReferrals to Unconditional Child Care may be made by parents, providers, or others involved with the child by calling 610-419-4500.  The parents of the child must be willing to participate before services can begin.  There often is a waiting list for services to begin because the funding for the program is limited.  The program director will suggest resources that may be helpful until services can begin.

Is Unconditional Child Care successful?

Our outcomes report for 2015/2016 showed that yes, Unconditional Child Care is successful!

Goal:  No less than 85% of Unconditional Child Care children are successfully maintained in a child care program as long as the parents need child care.

Result:  97% of the children were maintained in child care during the year, as long as the parents needed care.

Goal: No less than 75% of Unconditional Child Care parents will report that the program made a positive difference in their ability to sustain child care. 

Results:  All of the parents reported that they felt supported in keeping their child in child care and that they had a voice in every decision.  Most parents reported that their parenting skills and understanding of their children's development were strengthened. 

Goal: No less than 75% of the children will make gains in reaching developmental benchmarks.

Results:  94% of the children made progress in their development.kids26.jpg

  How can you help Unconditional Child Care help young children?

Contributions from the people who are concerned about young children are always needed and deeply appreciated.  Donations can be sent to Child Care Information Services, 2200 W. Broad St, Bethlehem, PA  18018-3200.  Please note on your gift that the contribution is for Unconditional Child Care.

Fund-raising events for Unconditional Child Care are held periodically.  

Night at the Races 2017 will be held on Saturday, March 18, 2017. 




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